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"If your vision does not scare you, it's not big enough."



There is a strong tradition in The Berrio vineyards near the southernmost tip of Africa. Each day we thank God for the wind. 

The cooling effects of the winds that blow in on three sides allow the grapes to spend more time on the vine. And more time on the vine - plus creative nurturing in the cellar – means a wine of greater intensity and layered complexity in the glass. 

It was the blessing of these same winds which propelled The Berrio, a plucky caravel in Vasco da Gama’s expeditionary, to lead the way around Cape Agulhas early in 1497 on one of the most challenging sea crossings of the time.

It is these cool maritime winds that are giving this very special corner of the world the reputation of producing captivating wines that become fuller, more rounded and complex with each vintage.

Wines that take your breath away.

Francis Pratt is both wine grower and wine maker of The Berrio wines. He too, like the ancient mariners and other explorers intrigued by geographical extremes, is on a quest.  The mission of Francis and his family is to explore and discover the secrets of the vines and the ruggedly beautiful windswept plains on which they grow. To know them, so well, that they reveal more and more of the essence of this special place with each vintage, and ultimately, produce wines that do truly capture its essence.

In so doing the Pratt family will be able to share the taste, the spirit, the adventure, the wonder and the majesty of this intriguing corner of the universe. Wine lovers all over the world can join this quest and drink in the wonder of it and share out the majesty of it all, and praise the wind.